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After being involved with reggae/dancehall for so many years, Organiza from Bassment Sound (EST. 2001, Belgium) decided to take his passion for music to a higher level. Playing a sound is nice of course, but after meeting so many people along the way... it was inevitable to give it a shot. Bassment Music International Records (BMI Records) got established in October 2016 with the intent to preserve authentic reggae music. ‚ÄčTheir mission is to release quality music productions by going back to the foundation with live musicians and real instruments. A lot of time was taken to assure that all elements were in place for this first riddim production and it certainly was a learnful experience to be working with some of the legendary veterans in the Jamaican music scene. You'll notice that well-known artists as well as upcoming talent will be featured on this record label, so stay tuned for more! A special thank you goes out to Leroy 'Artist' Brown for teaching, reasoning and helping in so many ways. Respect every time uncle. 

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